fashion with a higher purpose

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We believe that fashion can be more than just a piece of fabric.

Our mission is to combine high quality and good-looking sustainable fashion with a higher purpose.

We crafted a unique process to guarantee for the impact of our products

Our idea combines long-lasting products with a direct donation system for you to support your cause of choice.

(Y)our benevolence towards this planet

We commit to the possibly least harmful manufacturing process out there, made in Europe from organic material, while running only timeless design for you to enjoy a lasting high-quality experience - making this end-to-end sustainability happen.

(Y)our mind-blowing altruism

Your purchase does animals’ hearts good. We partner with charities all over the world, define transparent goals in collaboration with them and donate most of our profits to achieve maximum impact with every sale - all to get the most out of your awesome generosity.

We established close relationships all over the world

Our support for a good cause rests on the support for our partner charities

We defined specific initiatives for every of your donations

Our mantra: Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2.