What it is all about: a unique approach to a modern world in fashion

What if every company in the world had its own specific goal to achieve? Something which keeps their ‘backyard’ clean and tidy and serves other companies as a role model to pursue? 

We from Animals’ Move dream of this idea and commit to it – we are an ethical fashion brand with a higher purpose.

For us, it consists not only of the basics: sustainable production, high-quality fabrics, transparent pricing and challenging the traditional retail model. We go beyond it. We introduced the direct donation system into the fashion industry because we think that creating a sustainable business shouldn’t be a rarity and shouldn’t end with the business itself – we want to give our customers the chance to act sustainably, too. 

This is our way of keeping our ‘backyard’ clean. 

Our Golden Circle:

It all starts with Why: We believe that fashion can be more than just a piece of fabric. Therefore, we want to challenge traditional retail models and make it the norm to attach a reason to clothing. To put it simply, we aim to make it fashion with a higher purpose.

How you do things defines the way you interact with your goals: Animals’ Move wants to make it as beautiful as possible for everybody to combine charitable action with an elegant look. This is done by combining slow fashion principles with the direct donation system.

Only once you know Why you do What you do, you can do it right: Slow fashion principles are clear. As a unique feature, however, we attach a specific goal to each of our products by our design, which features one of our endangered species as an embroidery. Those goals are defined in collaboration with our partner charities and 25% of the retail price go to them.


Here is how it works - with an example

Our motivation behind what we do

Price transparency, made simple.

How conventional fashion does it.



Conventional fashion industry puts a lot of value into packaging and marketing. They do so, one might argue, to promote their products and make them seem more appealing than they would without all this. They give it an artificial boost, so to say.

This procedure leaves less room for investment into the actual product, which in return creates further need for good marketing.

In the end, they rather leave the conscious consumer in the dark about their pricing model.

How Animals' Move does it.



Animals’ Move seeks to offer an inherently good product which speaks for itself. This way, we don’t need to spend much on marketing and packaging and instead put way more value into the production processes.

A unique feature of our expenses goes to direct donation – which makes up 10 Euros of the retail price (20-25%) – something not present in conventional fashion at all.

The rest of the expense goes to our journey with you (R&D, Events, Ambassadors, etc.) and taxes.

Compare it, guess who cares for it.



The difference is clear.

When we compared how other brands price their products we could find that for the same retail price, conventional fashion sets a mark-up 4x as high as the one from Animals’ Move.
We can and want to do so not because it is still huge profits – which it is not – we do so, because we want to keep it fair for everyone.

Ambassadors for Animals' Move are Ambassadors for good.

As we believe in the power of community and want to accelerate that power, we offer an ambassador scheme for everyone interested. We think that the Animals’ Move can fully use it’s potential when its story is told by mouth to everyone individually since it is such a far-reaching topic.

Just contact us on pipapo@animalsmove.com and we will give you some more information about it, leaflets and an intro about how to best go about being an ambassador for good.

For further information about our business model, our mission/vision, our production and everything you would want to know, contact pipapo@animalsmove.com or text us on facebook and Instagram.