The Animals' Move Ambassador Scheme

Become an ambassador for good

You can support us by spreading the word

Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth

We welcome word of mouth from a person who truly believes into what we from Animals’ Move are striving towards – increase awareness about the situation of endangered species, offer a stylish product for consumers to easily engage in animal preservation, accelerating social enterprise and educating consumers about the fashion industry.
Therefore, we want to give people, who believe in our brand, the chance to be a part of it and become an ambassador for good.

While doing so, our ambassadors can not only save some money for their friends but also earn something themselves – 10% of the retail price each.
However, we offer the possibility to opt for donating the extra money generated through our your recommendations. This way, you can save us money on marketing and directly invest it into a donation.

For more information, please drop us an e-mail on, we’re waiting for your initiative.