Co-Create The Future With Us – Design Competition

What is co-creation?

At Animals' Move we like to promote innovation and design thinking. We stimulate new and original ideas. Designers can freely work on whatever topic they want, as long as it fulfils the criteria outlined below. There is no limit to your expression.

Why co-create with us?

We support you and give you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams by introducing your work to the world and letting you hear what the world has to say. All the submissions are evaluated fairly and equally by us and peer designers. Submitters receive feedback from both the Animals' Move and peer designers. We seek to provide an opportunity for promising ethical designers to debut in our growing community of ethical fashion enthusiasts. Designers selected will receive support to develop their designs with us and our manufacturing partner in Portugal and a photo shoot. Successful designs will be produced and most of the profits will go to charity.

The contest

What it is all about

1. Let's chat

We produce mainly t-shirts made from organic cotton (170 gsm) in three colours (Pantone: P 115-12 U, 15 6432 TPX, 12-0806 TPG). Our finishing mostly consists of some kind of embroidery.

We seek to devote each of our fabric colours to one of the endangered species we support (Sloth, Sea Turtle, Rhino). Furthermore, in order to ensure recognisability, we wish to have all three products in line within one simple but powerful design series that carries our logo in physical presence. Something suitable for everyday casual wear for him and her in their mid 20s to 30s.

2. Form ideas

Let your ideas flourish around our brand. We are open and excited about your creativity and want to promote your innovation and design thinking. There is no limit to your expression. However, we prefer submission created without using animal products, precious metals or stones as well as plastics. Try to stick to your creativity within the realm of organic material, especially cotton. Our manufacturer in Portugal is very small and has limited ability to produce extraordinary things, but there's no harm in challenging them a little.

See our Moodboard for more inspiration!

3. Submit your work

Submit your final work via email to We prefer to receive .ai or .pdf files, however, .psd, .jpg, .png are fine as well. Also, when submitting an idea make sure to include a written description in which you try to point to all the individual characteristics that make your design special and explain your intention behind them. Important, we will not use your design if you do not consent, so please make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions before handing in your work.

4. Let's co-create

Until the end of April, we will select the winning ideas and start collaborating closer together. After having refined all the nuances, we will start manufacturing in Portugal and let your ideas come to life. On top of that, we will have a photo shoot with your designs and you which will be featured with our social media and our partner charities. We have a growing community of ethical fashion enthusiasts and aim to offer a platform for likeminded designers like you on it. Together, we think, we can make this world a better place by making sustainable fashion fashionable.

For your inspiration


We pursue simple design with an exotic hint. All of our fabric colours resemble the natural habitat of the endangered species we support. It’s their home, and we want to give them a home in human society as well - supporting them with every step they take.


Each of our products serve a higher purpose. We attach one tangible goal to every sale we make. In order to do so, we partner with animal charities and devote our profits towards their efforts of helping endangered species.


No matter with what skill humans want to form this planet, in the end we need it to live and to strive. This beauty does not deserve to be treated the way it is right now, and so we want to set an example for a more sustainable future.


We believe that messages can best be conveyed in a simple manner. Hence we pursue a minimalist design code and want to give attention to detail. This way, our clothes can be combined in many ways, effectively reducing the amount people shop.

To be on the safe side of things

Our terms and conditions

Before you start sharing your ideas with us, it is important that you understand the legal aspects of the project and accept our Terms and Conditions. Here, you assign all the rights to your idea, as well as permission to use your image and name to Animals’ Move. This permission means we can guarantee the originality of all of your ideas and use your name and image as a collaborator in this project if your idea, or part of your idea, is selected.

To utilise the site and to submit intellectual creations, the User needs to agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.1 This contest is a collaborative creation space, in which users have the opportunity to participate in creating projects for fashion products.

1.2 As a result, the User is henceforth aware that the selection of his work or part of it, by the Site entails the cession of all copyright of the work.

1.3 The User is aware, when accepting the terms and conditions, of the cession regarding the use of his name, profile photo, as well as any other material or reference shared on the site by Animals’ Move and / or third parties for an indefinite period.

1.4 In case your product creation is selected, the User will not be entitled to remuneration for the transfer of his Author property rights.

1.5 Therefore, only those Users who are interested in assigning their copyright to Animals’ Move and allow future potential modification, alteration, adaptation and / or translation of the work by Animals’ Move and / or third parties, shall participate in the project launched by Animals’ Move.

1.6 By using the “” website, the User agrees that he has read, understood and accepted the terms, rules and conditions herein set forth.