The Animals' Move Story

We are Animals' Move, a creative initiative based in England and Germany.

Growing up in a society far away from the visible impact of the Anthropocene mostly alienates the very problems of our everyday life and its consequences from so many.

The main problem we're targeting is the massive decrease in biodiversity exemplified by the endangered status of many of our most-loved species. Therefore, we effectively work towards preventing the #1 reason for animal extinction: habitat loss. Every living organism needs something to live off. Once that is gone, it doesn't take very long for the organism itself to disappear.

Modern fashion industry is a product of globalisation accelerated by profit optimisation and massive production growth. As a consequence we can see increased damage to the surrounding environment, clothing industry employees and even consumers themselves.

We commit to slow fashion principles, which means that we follow a thoughtful and more sustainable process in designing, sourcing, producing, and selling our products. This way, we try to overcome the increasing pressures on consumers to constantly renew themselves, fit into the crowd and to show off.

In order to tackle the challenges posed by increased habitat loss and environmental impact through the fashion industry, we created an end-to-end sustainable product for everybody to support endangered species, protect their living foundation and to state that you care!

Animals' Move is all about giving a voice to every living organism.

Here is how we achieve impact.

Every Sloth edition sold provides the Sloth Conservation with enough support to construct 2 meters of a new canopy bridge.

Canopy bridges help sloths to cross roads safely in their increasingly split up habitat in the Central American rainforests. Often missing, sloths end up passing streets, ending with fatal consequences.


For each Sea Turtle edition sold, we provide the Sea Turtle Foundation with enough funds to track one more Sea Turtle at a time.

Together with our the STF, we can fund flipper tags, genetic testing, and ranger training through our sales. Living in the oceans all over the world, Sea Turtles are extremely tricky to protect, which is why these efforts are extremely important.


Each Rhino edition sold helps the International Rhino Foundation to set up camera traps throughout the Javan Study and Conservation Area.

This contributes towards gathering much-needed population data of the last-standing population of Javan Rhinos. Ultimately, this data can help the IRF to decide on a new site to set up a second population, effectively increasing the overall number of Javan Rhinos.


Our sourcing and manufacturing align with our basic principles: Educate consumers, accelerate social enterprise and offering an end-to-end fully and thought-through stylish and sustainable product with literally nothing to worry about.