Material, Sourcing and Manufacturing:

Where do you source your products?
We currently source all of our t-shirts from Portugal. Our manufacturer there is called Wonderroutine. For our packaging, we chose to support local businesses in China. This way, we try to lift the standard of manufacturing processes on the countryside of China, effectively reducing waste material there and lifting wages.

Where do your partners sit?
Our partners sit all over the world, mainly directly on site of the prevailing species’ habitat. Therefore, the Sloth Conservation has a sit in Costa Rica, but also a managerial position in the UK. The International Rhino foundation has its sit wherever there are rhino conservation areas. In our case, it is Java, Indonesia. For the Sea Turtle Foundation, it is Queensland, Australia.

How did you choose your partners?
We choose our partners according to their effectiveness and existing projects. Since we wanted to build a direct donation program, we chose charities that offer quite a range of projects for endangered species. All of our partners actively engage in research, monitoring, education and construction for our species.

What are your products made from?
Our products are made from 100% Cotton, sustainably sourced. So far, we couldn’t certify our products as a FairTrade Product, since our amount of pieces isn’t big enough yet to fulfil all the criteria. However, we are working on it, hard!