fashion with a higher purpose

What we do and why we do what we do

We believe that fashion can be more than just a piece of (sustainable) fabric.

This is why our mission is to combine high quality and good-looking sustainable fashion with a higher purpose. We therefore commit to slow fashion principles, sustainable sourcing and introduced our direct donation system to make our product absolutely unique.

Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2.

We want to give people who care about our planet the chance to wear something nice while at the same time supporting endangered species around the world. Our products support one specific goal each, defined in collaboration with our partner charities.

By learning more about each charity partner and their goals on our website, you can choose what kind of activity you would like to support without having to compromise on looks, quality or shape.

Who we partner with

We are proud to cooperate with the most renowned and committed charities in the world. Thanks for being our partners:

What makes us unique

There are two underlying principles to what we do, which essentially lead to making our products unique.

1) Our Process

Our model follows a clear line that guarantees for the impact of our products: One product features one endangered species which partners with one charity to support one specific and trackable goal.

2) Slow Fashion

We commit to slow fashion principles, which means that we follow a thoughtful and more sustainable process in designing, sourcing, producing, and selling our products. For us it mainly consists of the above four stages.

The endangered species we feature

We feature the following endangered species as an embroidery on our t-shirts:

Flipper tags and genetic testing, as well as training courses for local rangers to use the equipment most efficiently.

Camera traps hidden in the Javan Rhino Conservation Area for more efficient data collection of the Javan Rhino population (63-67 left).

Canopy bridges for Sloths to cross roads safely in an increasingly fragmented habitat all over Central and South America.

You support the species you want by selecting a t-shirt. Each partner charity then has trackable goals which you directly support with each purchase.