Canopy Bridges in Costa Rica’s Rainforests

Canopy bridges help Sloths cross roads safely in the rainforests of Costa Rica. This is crucial due to the increased disturbances through human influence in that area.

You can further reward yourself for your good actions of today. Choose to add a bracelet or t-shirt to show off that you care. #wearingiscaring


We offer Bracelets from Sidai Designs, a collective that collaborates with Maasai women in Tanzania, East Africa to create design-led accessories that merge time-honoured beadwork with a modern aesthetic. Together with them, we have designed a Sloth edition for you to wear every day.

Further, we went out to search for clothing manufacturers that aim to become sustainable and together with them, launched an organic t-shirt line devoted to specific animals, including the Sloth.


Whatever you choose, you will be helping our planet’s endangered species and we want to thank you for that!

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