Canopy bridges for Sloths in Costa Rica

Sloths live their life upside down, hanging in the trees for the majority of the time. They only leave their trees for special occasions (like going to the toilet, which happens only once a week) because danger lurks on the grounds. Sloths are already slow in their natural habitat, the trees, but even slower on the ground and are easy prey when crawling over the floor.

Unfortunately, the Sloth’s natural habitat is being disturbed by ever more roads built into the heart of their territory. This means, that Sloths need to cross more and more roads to reach further parts of their territory. This is not only dangerous because of predators but also cars that are driving on the busy streets.

The Sloth Conservation, therefore, has set its aim to provide canopy bridges for Sloths to cross their habitats in the safest way possible.

Danger Lurks
A Sloth trying to cross the road in Costa Rica's Rainforests.
Safe Heaven
A sloth hanging on a newly built Canopy Bridge
At work
Choosing where to build the next bridge.

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