Animals Move Rhino


Our Rhino partners with the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) with a focus on the Javan Rhino Population with only less than 100 animals left. If they are gone, the Javan is gone at all, forever.


Our individually negotiated goal with the IRF is to set up camera traps ($700 each) throughout the Javan Rhino Study and Conservation Area. This will help monitor and better understand the behavior of this species.


The long-term goal is to set up a second population on another site. Camera trap monitoring will massively help gathering information for that and enable the IRF to achieve their goals more efficiently

It's a big thing for Rhinos and the IRF and only a maximum of 100 t-shirts for us. #wearingiscaring

Why Rhinos?

All five rhino species are threatened by extinction. The greater one-horned, white and black rhino all were threatened by human action in the past. Gladly, due to concerted efforts by governments and dedicated conservationists as well as strategic interventions their populations have mostly rebounded.
However, we have no reliable historical population estimates for the Sumatran and Javan rhinos, but each is now believed to number one hundred individuals or less, and both are threatened with imminent extinction.
As history shows, rhinos have been largely mistreated by humans, but efforts targeted at supporting the growth of populations works and that is why we as Animals' Move want to pick that up, support it and spread the message to our community to actively help the Internation Rhino Foundation (IRF) to steadily increase the populations of the Javan and Sumatran rhino.

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