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Our Sea Turtle partners with the Sea Turtle Foundation, focusing on local communities as well as rangers and their interaction with Sea Turtles along the West Coast of Queensland, Australia.


Our first goal for the Sea Turtles is to provide monitoring units for the STF. These consist of a flipper tag and genetic testing as well as a training for local rangers to use those resources most efficiently ($50 each).


The long-term goal is to further undertake research and better understand Sea Turtle Populations by ultimately tracking Sea Turtles via satellite. This will teach local communities the best responses to this endangered species

It is greatly appreciated by Sea Turtles and the STF and only a maximum of 10 t-shirts for us. #wearingiscaring

Why Sea Turtles?

Sea Turtles have seen the Earth undergo many changes and managed to survive them all. However, things are tough in the modern era when you are a slow breeding, long-lived reptile. Sea Turtles face many threats from changes in climate, loss of nesting habitat, increased ocean pollution, and deliberate and accidental deaths caused by fishing activities around the world. These factors combined are pushing many of the world's populations of sea turtles toward extinction.
It is not easy to protect sea turtles and rebuild their populations to healthy and sustainable levels, but it is a vital step in ensuring healthy and resilient oceans in the future. This is why Animals’ Move wants to take action by giving Sea Turtles a voice that supports efforts to restore our planet’s populations with the help of the Sea Turtle Foundation (STF).

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