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Out Sloth partners with the Sloth Conservation (SloCo) or also Team Sloth, focusing on the three-fingered Slot population throughout Central America and its rainforests.


Our first individually negotiated goal with the SloCo is to build canopy bridges ($200 each)over very busy and newly built streets in Central America. This way we can guarantee a safe way for Sloths to cross roads.


The long-term goal is to counteract the increasing fragmentation of the Sloths habitats through more and more traffic all over Central America and help those lovely creatures hanging around safely.

It's big steps for Sloths and the SloCo and only one t-shirt for two meters of canopy bridge for us. #wearingiscaring

Why Sloths?

Sloths are perfectly adapted for life upside-down in the rainforest canopy. Unfortunately, with the rapidly expanding human population driving deforestation to an unprecedented level, the rainforest habitat that the sloths depend on is becoming more and more disturbed. Roads, farms, towns and cities now dominate the landscape, cutting the once continuous forest into smaller and more isolated segments. Due to their highly specialised lifestyle, sloths do not adapt well to such rapid environmental change.
Every day hundreds of animals are falling victim to the land development and urbanisation occurring throughout South and Central America. From power line electrocutions and dog attacks, to road collisions, deforestation and human cruelty – it is a long and sad list of threats.
However, there is a way out: fighting for the preservation of their habitat and building facilities which make the sloths life easier in its new environment, to name just a few. For that reason, we are partnering with the Sloth Conservation (SloCo).

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