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The start of our journey – Animals’ Move

Animals’ Move started off with our vision: to create a subtle movement for social awareness about the increasingly precarious situation of our biodiversity. We wanted to create a product that does both, tackle this problem and give joy to people at the same time. Therefore, we worked intensely on our product and its design and tried to make it as simple as possible. While doing that, we needed to decide which species we want to support first and started off with the magical number of three. It was hard to select three species since all have an equal impact on our biodiversity and all deserve attention and care. However, we needed to restrict ourselves. Because we didn’t want to judge based on the species itself, we took another approach. We looked at how we can help their situation the best and concluded that our plan of action will be to collaborate with partner charities which actually work right on site of the events. Through supporting the charities, we can have a direct impact. Therefore, we searched for the most effective charities, which made our decision easier about which species to support at the very beginning of our journey, and contacted them. All were more than happy about our engagement and our vision, which gave us a lot of joy and strengthened our confidence that we are actually going to have a positive impact on wildlife. It is their most-valuable work that we are more than happy to support by spreading the word and funding their projects. Together with them, we came up with actual goals and milestones that we can reach together through our #wearingiscaring campaign and are more than happy to announce our first three global partners situated where it is needed the most:

The International Rhino Foundation, The Sea Turtle Foundation and the Sloth Conservation. 

The International Rhino Foundation is located everywhere, where there are important issues to tackle for our planets rhino populations. We will focus on their Javan Rhino location in order to help expand the population of around 63-67 Javan rhinos left most effectively. 

The Sea Turtle Foundation is situated in Australia where it is best to educate local communities about how to support Sea Turtles and prevent cruelty for their populations. 

The Sloth Conversation works in the heart of America, its jungles, by conducting research about the Sloth as a species and improving safety for their populations.

All of our partners deserve their support and we are very proud that we can give them the chance to increase their scope through our wearables. We believe that clothes make the man, and that everyone can pretty themselves up by supporting good and showing so.